Largest Data Platform

Health Data Lake 

Get away from the siloed data system and AI-ready single data lake.

Data Intelligence Platform

A platform that will enable faster decision making with knowledge derived from the single data lake.

AI- App Store

Leverage multiple best AI-vendors for your different requirements.

AI Driven Largest Data Platform
AI- Engine

AI- Engine

Execution Model

Have multiple executions model environment is place.

Decision Making

Make an informed decision based on the output from execution model.

Multiple AI Vendors

Get the best of all with multiple vendors integration.

Make decision-taking easier

Automated v/s assisted decision making

Get automated reports or override the AI recommendations as per your requirement.

Machine Learning(ML) Loop

Improve your AI-model with continuous machine learning and enhancing decision making.

Automated v/s Assisted Decision Making
AI- Everywhere

AI- Everywhere

Patient AI-Symptom Checker

Check patient symptoms automatically and predict the best course of treatment.

AI-assists doctor to diagnose

Let your AI-model assist the doctors to diagnose with precision.

AI-assist Nurse

Assist the nurse with all the supporting knowledge

AI-assist Radiologist

AI-model to guide the radiologist for the correct interpretation of the scan/X-ray and much more.