Patient Self Service

Book Appointments

Book online appointments with the specialist


Get online Telehealth consultations with the doctors of your choice

Elder Care Programs

Take care of your elders at the comforts of their home

Patient Self Service Platform
Patient Self Service

Book Home Nurse

Schedule, share and pay for the nurse services

Make Payments

Complete online payments via debit/credit, wallet or net banking

Ambulance Pickup/Drop

Schedule ambulance pick up and drop to your location

Manage Home Service

Online EMR/EHR

Record and share patient medical records(EMR).

Schedule Home Visits

Schedule, track and assign home visits.

Online Pharmacy

Manage online pharmacy orders and delivery.

Manage Healthcare Service at Home
Manage Home Healthcare Service


Manage your ambulance vehicle and paramedic staff.

Billing & Payments

Collect payments, issue bills.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring

Patient CCTV

Monitor patient movement through CCTV.

Patient LIVE Monitoring

LIVE patient monitoring for any emergency requirements.

Medical IoT Devices

Connected IoT devices for real time data transfer.

Manage Stakeholders

Therapist & Nurse

Role-based access to all stakeholders.

Manage Home Delivery Vendors

Master data management of home delivery vendor.

Manage Sample Collection Vendors

Manage Home Delivery & Sample Collection Vendors