BluePlanet Data App
360-degree Patient

Transform your healthcare practice with a 360-degree Patient View. With BluePlanet's 360-degree patient view, every hospital can now provide personalized care to its patients that improves health outcomes and strengthens the patient-provider relationship.

Integrate Various Data Sources
Generate a 360-degree patient

With our cutting-edge data integration technologies, you can integrate various data sources and create a comprehensive profile of each patient, enabling you to deliver personalized care like never before.

Integrate & Get Unified
Prescription History

Access all past and current e-prescription documents in one place with a single Electronic Medical Record (EMR).

Integrate & Get Effortless PDF Access

Say goodbye to the hassle of digging through paperwork. Effortlessly access patient records in PDF format.

Integrate Lab/Radiology Data

Streamline your access to historical and present reports within a cohesive interface.

Integrate PACS Data

Securely access and share patient imaging data with ease using multiple DICOM files.

Integrate & Get Digital Access to Old Physical Paper Files

Make the transition to digital seamless, gaining instant access to historical paper files or files archived in physical data rooms.

Key Outcome
Improved Patient Satisfaction

With BluePlanet's 360-degree patient view, every hospital can provide personalized care to each patient, thereby improving health outcomes and strengthening the patient-provider relationship.

Benefits of 360-degree view
Improved Diagnostics

Our Patient Longitudinal Insights feature empowers healthcare professionals to quickly identify health trends, abnormalities, and potential risks, enabling early intervention and personalized treatment plans. Gain a holistic understanding of patient health journeys for truly customized care.

Benefits of 360-degree view
Forecast Patient Needs

Leverage data to forecast patient needs, from timely notifications for tests and medication renewals to more accurate diagnoses. It's all about proactive care.

Benefits of 360-degree view
Efficient Resource Allocation

Optimize your resource allocation by accurately predicting patient needs, reducing waiting times, and minimizing costly readmissions. Our system helps you save time and resources.

Benefits of 360-degree view
Provide Personalised Care

Tailor care plans to each patient's unique needs, enhancing patient satisfaction and outcomes. Your patients will feel cared for, heard, and valued.

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