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Who is a diabetologist? A diabetologist is a doctor who focuses on providing care to patients with diabetes or high blood sugar problems. A diabetologist has usually received a formal degree or training in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, or Endocrinology background ...
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What is Diabetes, Types, Causes, Symptoms and Prevention Tips

What is diabetes Diabetes is a chronic disease  that affects how the body uses glucose or blood sugar. Diabetic patients have  too much glucose in the blood. Insulin is the hormone that helps to regulate the blood sugar levels so ...
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5 Prevention Tips for Seasonal Allergies

The allergy season is here again. Climatic factors contribute largely to seasonal allergies. It affects 30 percent of adults and 40 percent of children. The immune system overreacting to certain antibodies attack the allergens which result in itchy eyes, runny ...
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Patient Care Continuity

In recent years there has been a surge of interest in healthcare industry regarding the potential of patient centric care. The challenges of healthcare delivery vary widely in India, yet health systems across the country have similar objectives: to ensure ...
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Digital Healthcare Disruption

Healthcare industry is one of the world’s largest & fastest growing industries. This sector works through collaboration of 5 major segments, i.e. hospitals, pharmaceutical, diagnostics, medical equipment and supplies, and medical insurance. Technology has influenced nearly every sector of Indian ...
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Experience Connected Healthcare 24×7 Anywhere

Experience connected healthcare as One Stop App for all your healthcare needs by digitally accessing your trusted Doctors, Hospitals, Pharmacy, Pathology Labs, X-ray/Imaging Centers, Ambulance, and Blood banks. Upload your digital medical records (prescriptions, lab reports, x-ray etc.) and Share ...
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Deliver Digital Healthcare Services to your Patients 24×7 Anywhere

In today’s modern world, your medical practice needs an online presence to thrive as you may be present in multiple hospitals or clinics. KareXpert understands the value of your time & money thus enables you to better manage your patients ...
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