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Get Ready for Future Healthcare

10x Faster Implementation

Don’t wait for months Go Live in just a few hours rather than waiting for months of implementation

AI-Ready Technologies

Ready for future healthcare Get AI/ML ready healthcare platform, brought to you in partnership with global AI providers like Intel, Microsoft, etc.

Mission Critical Data Privacy & Security

Think secure A fully compliant and secure platform which will ensure sensitive data is safe and protected

Managed Service Platform

Let us handle the tech With our fully managed service platform, you focus only on providing the best healthcare to your patients

Federated Healthcare Network

A network you need A handful of selected key partner ecosystem will ensure that you get the best of everything

Pay As You Go

For every business requirement Zero upfront investments required with no hidden cost. We help you grow your revenues and charge you only for the solution used as service charge

Trusted by 200+ Hospitals

What our customers have to say

Testimonial 8

HCL Healthcare | Karexpert

It has been one of the most joyous experience working with KareXpert team. KareXpert Digital Healthcare Platform is the right technology fit for an organization such as ourself who wants to make a difference in the preventive healthcare domain

Mr. Shikhar Malhotra

Director & CEO - HCL Healthcare

Testimonial 7

CFS | Karexpert

“In the age of technological advancements, numerous sectors have gone ‘digital’ to streamline their operations and offer customer-centric solutions. Similarly, the healthcare industry should also hop on the ‘digital’ wagon to make the experience seamless and comfortable for the patients.”

Dr. Mahipal Sachdeva

Chairman & Medical Director, Centre for Sight

Testimonial 4

Telemedicine | Karexpert

“Telemedicine is a very suitable facility for those living in remote mountainous areas. With the e-health telemedicine facility, the diagnosis of patients will be done directly by the specialist physicians of Multispeciality hospital, medicines will be prescribed as per the ailment.”

Shri. Trivendra Singh Rawat

Honorable CM

Testimonial 3

Green Life | Karexpert

“While looking out for a cost-effective yet efficient solution for our new diagnostic center KareXpert Digital Diagnostic Platform came to the rescue. The cloud-based platform is easy to scale and helped us in the expansion of our business further.”

Samim Akhter

Founder, Green Life

Testimonial 2

Vividus | Karexpert

“When we started the new facility we were apprehensive of which solution to take and how to move about on our digitization journey. KareXpert team not only provided us with the best of class cloud-based SaaS digital healthcare platform but also consulted us throughout the journey which made our digital transformation journey a smooth one. Their Symphony cloud-based system which uses microservices is able to address most of our hospital desired workflows in a very quick manner.”

Management Team

Vividus Hospital

Testimonial 1

Epillo | Karexpert

“KareXpert Practice Management Platform helped us provide quality and accurate healthcare solutions to our patients. KareXpert-powered platforms & mobile apps have empowered us to be Asia’s first Retail Health, Medicine, and Fresh Nutrition model serving multiple products & services such as Healthy Food & Beverages, Personal care shop, Pharmacy (Rx), walk-in clinics, Path Lab, Dental & Derma under one roof.”

Asif Shah

CEO, Epillo Health System (HealthHUB)