Explore Medical IoT features


Monitor and measure temperature remotely

Blood Pressure

Wireless blood pressure monitor to check blood pressure

Blood Sugar

Monitor Blood sugar level and get instant level reports along with any abnormality alert


Monitor pulse rate and oxygen saturation with the SPo2 monitor


Keep track of updated ECG reports of the remote patient

Weight, BMI

Measure weight and automatically calculate the BMI of the patient


With IoT stethoscope, monitor the heartbeat of the patient

More FAQs

Below are a list of most commonly asked questions
What is a medical IoT?

Medical IoT is a network of smart health devices and sensors connected to the cloud which facilitate monitoring patient health state and tracking medical staff and assets.

What are examples of IoT in healthcare?

Remote patient monitoring is the most common application of IoT devices for healthcare. Other examples include Glucose monitoring, Heart-rate monitoring, Depression and mood monitoring, Connected inhalers.

What is the future of IoT in healthcare?

IoT can make healthcare cheaper and efficient in the future. It can help in the creation of more customized and patient-oriented devices. Moreover, IoT will also enable patients to get better access to data, personalized care; thus, leading to fewer visits to the hospital.

How Karexpert helps in Medical IoT?

KareXpert is working with medical IoT devices partners to take the data on cloud and provide it to the doctor via KareXpert Applications, this way doctor and patient doesn't have to be at the same physical location.