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What our customers have to say

Testimonial 6

“The Telemedicine digital platform by KareXpert has enabled us to provide quality healthcare services to patients in these difficult times & with the kind of adoption rate that we are witnessing solidifies the fact that Telemedicine is here to stay for.”

Rajesh Kumar

Project Head IT

Testimonial 5

“KareXpert Digital Healthcare Platform has truly lived up to the task in this difficult time, where now our doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians, etc. are able to spend more time treating the COVID-19 patients & less time in putting the information in the system.”

Dr Nikhil Makhija

Director, MD City Hospital

Testimonial 4

“Telemedicine is a very suitable facility for those living in remote mountainous areas. With the e-health telemedicine facility, the diagnosis of patients will be done directly by the specialist physicians of Multispeciality hospital, medicines will be prescribed as per the ailment.”

Shri. Trivendra Singh Rawat

Honorable CM

Testimonial 3

“While looking out for a cost-effective yet efficient solution for our new diagnostic center KareXpert Digital Diagnostic Platform came to the rescue. The cloud-based platform is easy to scale and helped us in the expansion of our business further.”

Samim Akhter

Founder, Green Life

Testimonial 2

“When we started the new facility we were apprehensive of which solution to take and how to move about on our digitization journey. KareXpert team not only provided us with the best of class cloud-based SaaS digital healthcare platform but also consulted us throughout the journey which made our digital transformation journey a smooth one. Their Symphony cloud-based system which uses microservices is able to address most of our hospital desired workflows in a very quick manner.”

Management Team

Vividus Hospital

Testimonial 1

“KareXpert Practice Management Platform helped us provide quality and accurate healthcare solutions to our patients. KareXpert-powered platforms & mobile apps have empowered us to be Asia’s first Retail Health, Medicine, and Fresh Nutrition model serving multiple products & services such as Healthy Food & Beverages, Personal care shop, Pharmacy (Rx), walk-in clinics, Path Lab, Dental & Derma under one roof.”

Asif Shah

CEO, Epillo Health System (HealthHUB)