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Smart Patient Services

Connect With Digital Healthcare Services

Find Doctors of Your Choice Anytime, Anywhere

Get All Hospital Services 24x7

Book Lab Test Online


Connect With Nearest Pharmacies Online

Avail Nearest Smart Ambulance

Search Smart Blood Bank Services Online

Start Your Digital HealthCare Journey

Artificial Intelligence Led Digital Healthcare Platform For Real Time Analytics

Hospital Health Cloud

Healthcare Cloud brings all operations management of a hospital towards Patient side to go on the web


E-Prescription reduce paper prescriptions, and the risk of error associated with written prescriptions.

Queue Management

KareXpert Queue Management System provides a better and intelligent way to manage patients waiting for doctor.

Patient Communication

KareXpert Patient Communication in a healthcare is one of the most important tools we have for providing great patient care and improving patient satisfaction.

OPD Consultation

KareXpert Digital OPD brings
the digital connectivity to the patients, doctors and hospitals.

Text Consultation

Consult online with your Doctor via Text Consultation in real time regardless of your physical location.

Video Consultation(RPD)

Provide Remote Consultation to Patients End to End Digital Connectivity

Our Customers

Our Customer Testimonials

Mr. Ashish Wadhwa
Paras Hospital

“KareXpert is an Great company with brilliant concept and motivated team. Most important part is the approachability after the implementation is done." Good Luck to the company.

Dr.Preeti Singh
Paras Hospital

“To whom so ever concern Paras Health App has been helpful for the patients and for me personally for smoothening the operation. KareXpert has provided solution to our daily problem in the hospital."

Dr. Banalata Gaur
Family Clinic

“KareXpert visited my clinic & explained in detail about its function. It looks quite impressive & a innovative way to get connecled with patients. Easy approach for both patients & Doctors. The features seem easy to operate both for Patients & Doctors. Wishing KareXpert all the best & success."

Dr. Arvind Mehra
Paras Hospital

“Good and Innovative App by KareXpert." Good Luck to the company.

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