Explore LIMS features

KareXpert’s world-class medical lab management software simplifies your laboratory operations.

Works with All Labs

This medical laboratory management software is specialized in delivering safe and secure sample processing in different types of labs.

LMS for Pathology

Innovative system software for clinical pathology manages the sample collection and test run.

Software for Microbiology

Clinical laboratory management software facilitates better management of samples and related data.

LIS for Histopathology

Clinical laboratory management software for histopathology labs puts forth accurate results in time.

LIMS features

LIMS for Haematology

LIMS system automates inefficient manual processes to get results on EMR or patient portal.

LIS for Serology Lab

A Next-generation medical lab management software can be used to order tests.

LMS for Immunology Laboratory

Easy to deploy and integrate with in-house lab or outsource lab.

Get Complete Visibility of Sample Journey

Medical lab management software gives users the ability to scale sample management.

Sample Collection

LIMS system provide functionality to record and track the sample collection process

Sample Dispatch

Medical Laboratory Management Software includes features to send samples to the phlebotomist. Create a work-list. Generate alerts and notifications.

Sample Acknowledge

Ensure no sample goes missing or lost with real-time sample acknowledgment update

LIMS - visibility of sample journey

Outsourced Sample Management

Tracks samples sent to outsourced lab partners.

Sample Processing

Medical laboratory management software can help accelerate processing of the sample.

Get Result on Fingertips with LIMS

Get results from anywhere

Most comprehensive medical laboratory management software enables authorized users to receive lab results instantly.

Result Entry (Auto/ Manual)

Speed up the process of entering sample processing results into the system with the Auto-update or manual entry option.

Report Verification

Medical lab management software unlocks more simplified way to verify results by sending auto verification alert to the lab doctor

Reports & Alerts

LIMS system offers capability to send sample reports & alerts to the patient, lab doctor, and treating doctor.

Integrated lab operations

Medical lab management software is easy to deploy and integrate with existing lab operations.

Machine Integration

Experience the faster sample processing by integrating it with existing laboratory machines.

Priority Processing

Seamlessly sets priority to the required sample for early processing.

Integrated lab operations

More FAQs

Below are a list of most commonly asked questions
Who uses LIMS?

Diagnostic centers, Hospitals with inhouse Laboratories, independent laboratories are the kind of set-up who use LIMS software to manage their day to day operations

How much does a laboratory information management system cost?

The laboratory information management system cost varies based on the requirement of the set-up/healthcare facility. Please visit our pricing page to know more.

What is included in a laboratory information system?

A laboratory information system includes record keeping & tracking of sample collection, dispatch, and acknowledgement. It also includes quality control, auto-updates on report results to all the stakeholders including the patient after due diligence. An advanced medical lab management software also comes with machine integration and priority processing.

What does LIMS software do?

A Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is software that allows you to effectively manage samples and associated data. By using a LIMS, a lab can automate workflows, integrate instruments, and manage samples and associated information.