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Emergency Response System

Full visibility on ambulance operations

A reliable emergency response system provides complete visibility to the emergency response team to stay ahead in critical medical events.

Sterilization Process

Advanced emergency response system to process the checklists to ensure the proper sterilization of all the vehicles and equipment before and after the ride.

Ambulance Dispatch System

Request | Approve | Assign

Access an emergency response system to centrally manage your fleet of ambulances.

Checklist Management

Supports in creating and managing the checklist of action items that need to be followed by the paramedic/ER staff.

Start & Stop a Ride

Assists in managing vehicle availability and track Turn-Around-Time (TAT) from the start-to-stop ride.

Features of Emergency Response System
ERS Provides Best Care to The Patient in Transit

Provide the best care to the patient in transit

Empower your ER team to deliver service while a patient is in transit, as every second is critical in an emergency event.

Monitor Patient Vital Health

Emergency Response System is well-integrated with medical IoT devices. ER doctors at the hospital can monitor patient vitals.

Doctor Tele-consultation

Emergency Response System facilitates ER doctor teleconsultation while inpatient is in transit.

Get your ER staff prepared

Patient CCTV Feed

With machine integration experience faster than ever before sample processing

Ambulance ETA

Set priority to the sample for early processing of the sample

ER Connect

Set priority to the sample for early processing of the sample

Medico & Legal Forms

Set priority to the sample for early processing of the sample

Prepare Staff with RES
Admin Reporting Software - ERS

Admin Reporting

Hospital administrators can monitor the performance of emergency response teams using interactive dashboards and reports.

More FAQs

Below are a list of most commonly asked questions
What is emergency response systems work?

There is a listed emergency number provided by the Hospital, once emergency desk receive the call from patient or attendent, ask few questions to judge the situation of the patient and then may book the ambulance to bring patient to the hospital or may ask patient to goto the nearby hospital.

What is the purpose of an emergency response system?

The purpose of KareXpert ERS Ambulance platform is to empower the emergency desk of a healthcare facility to provide the best care to the patient while in transit. This platform manages all ambulances and its status.

How do emergency response systems work?

Emergency system onboards all the emrgency doctors, ambulances and emergency desk together to make sure patient can be attended fast without asking duplicate information.