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KareXpert software used in pharmacy saves pharmacists time to manage IP/OP orders, reducing errors while generating prescriptions.

In-Patient Pharmacy

Pharmacy management system offers the comfort of managing and tracking IP orders, automating the updation of medical records and billing of the patients.

Outpatient Pharmacy

Pharmacy management software allows to generate OP orders directly from the e-prescriptions sent by the practitioner.

Walk-In Sales

Customizable templates for walk-in sales enable faster turn-around.

Pharmacy SaaS features
Digital Pharmacy Manage Orders and Payments

Manage Orders and Payments

Prescription Orders

Get quick access to e-prescriptions and auto-filling of orders right from the prescriptions

Return Acknowledgement

Pharmacy management system enables you to easily manage returns and acknowledge return orders.

Order Indent

A flexible pharmacy management software maintains the requisition order for medicine, supplies, etc.

Full/ Partial Issue

Helps to centrally track full or partially issued orders.

Revenue Tracking & Reporting

Have actionable insights with powerful software used in pharmacy that lets you keep track of payments and the settlement process.

Payment & Settlement

Leverage pharmacy management system’s detailed and integrated billing module to track payments & settlement without any errors.

Business Reports

Make well-grounded decisions with real-time reporting and gain insights into business operations.

Online Pharmacy Revenue Tracking & Reporting
Online Pharmacy Inventory Management

Inventory Management

A leading pharmacy management system gives you granular visibility of available stocks and facilitates seamless real-time communication across the pharmacy supply chain.

Stock View

Present dynamic view of available stock that helps to ensure effortless inventory planning.

Real-Time Alerts & Notifications

Get notified by email, SMS, and via mobile App for various inventory and supply chain events.

More FAQs

Below are a list of most commonly asked questions
What software is used in pharmacy?

Pharmacy management software is used in pharmacy to automate workflow processes and center care around patients. This software allows pharmacists and doctors to manage prescriptions and verification from the same order in order to streamline medication management.

How Much Does Pharmacy Management Software Cost?

The cost of pharmacy software varies based on the requirement of the set-up/healthcare facility. Please visit our pricing page to know more about pharmacy software price. KareXpert software used in pharmacy are cost effective.

Why Do You Need Pharmacy Software?

A pharmacy management software allows you to track the entire purchase history of a customer, their medical information, prescriptions, bills and other relevant information. This will give a better experience to the customers, and at the same time, easily keep track of your sales.

What is the benefits of the Pharmacy Management Software for Pharmacy?

A cloud-based Pharmacy Management Software, pharmacist can accomplish the following:

  1. More efficient pharmacy workflow.
  2. Improve medical billing accuracy to reduce denials.
  3. Real-time inventory stock update.
  4. Optimizing operations across various pharmacy locations.
Why is pharmacy management system important?

The Pharmacy Management System is packed with benefits. It also offers several features that are needed for operations with optimal efficiency. The use of software includes consultation documentation, inventory management, reporting, drug interaction monitoring, patient personal profiles, and more.