Employee Healthcare Platform

Keep your Employee Safe & Secure

For HR

Onboard doctors, hospitals and special services to the platform.

For Hospitals

Provide “Employee Healthcare” as a service in partnership with hospitals & doctors.

For Insurance Companies

Provide “Employee Healthcare” as a service in partnership with hospitals & doctors.
Manage all aspects of Employee Healthcare
Corporate HR Portal

Corporate Admin   

Add/Edit/Delete your employee accounts.

Enable/Disable Services

Manage employee healthcare and enable/disable doctor consultations, satellite clinics, health checkups, etc.

Onboard Doctors, Hospitals

Create a Doctor, Hospital profiles, Appointment Schedules, Fees, etc.

Manage Payments

Manage co-pay, corporate discounts, Employee-Enterprise co-pay, insurance, etc.

Billing Flexible & Configurable

Manage Payee

Manage payments and configure co-pays, set limits, employer payments, etc.

TPA Integration

Get seamless payment experience with insurance integration

Enterprise Discounts

Set enterprise discounts for the employees based on your criteria

Employee Portal

Manage Profile

Manage account, Add family members, etc.

Employee Health Records

Upload/ Access health records, prescriptions, modalities, etc.

Self Service

Symptom checker, book appointments, search, sort, find the nearest hospital, specialist doctors, etc.

Infection Free Office

Centrally Managed

Manage your employee’s health checks, their temperatures, entry/exit process, etc.

Manage Home Quarantine

Keep track of your home quarantined employees and see who can come to office.