Community Healthcare Platform

Healthcare Platform for Societies

Apartment/Society Admin

Onboard doctors, hospitals and special services to the platform

For the Hospital

Provide “Citizen Healthcare” as a service to many apartments/society

For Builders

Provide “Citizen Healthcare” as a service in partnership with hospitals & doctors
Manage all aspects of Apartment/Society Healthcare
Admin Portal

Apartment/Society Admin

Add/Edit/Delete Resident Accounts.

Enable/Disable Services

Enable or disable doctor consultations, satellite clinics, health checkups, etc.

Onboard Doctors, Hospitals

Create doctors, hospital profiles, appointment schedules, fees, etc.

Manage Payments

Manage co-pays, resident discounts, etc.

Billing Flexible & Configurable

Resident Pays

Configure payee residents or integrate with insurance providers.

Part-Pays or EMI

Give flexible payment options with part-payments or EMI.

Community Discounts

Provide community discounts to your residents.

Resident Portal

Manage Profile

Manage accounts, family members, etc.

Resident Health Records

Upload/Access health records, prescriptions, modalities, etc.

Self Service

Symptom checker, book appointments, search, sort, find the nearest hospital, specialist doctors, etc.

Book & Register Service

Consultations, Home collection, Register for blood donation, etc.

All you need in one platform

Make Appointment

Schedule appointments through phone, call-center, website or patient app.

Set up Satellite Clinic

Set up an accessible satellite clinics to reach out to more patients.

Medical IoT

Continuously monitor patient vitals via pre-integrated medical IoT devices.

Diet Management

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