Why you should Implement cloud-based integrated HIMS

Why you should Implement cloud-based integrated HIMS

The aim of this article is to provide a practical reference to help the hospital  IT  department and decision-makers of the healthcare industry. They can analyze and consider the implications of cloud-based solutions for their organizations. This article includes guidance and strategies designed to help decision-makers, who may be new to cloud computing, evaluate and compare cloud services offered by Health Tech Companies,  taking into account different requirements of Hospital IT department, hospital staff, hospital management, and various stakeholders of Hospital.

Reduce Operational Cost

Cloud-based systems will reduce the cost of operations as all the departments are pre-integrated, all the departments are digitized, 100% service uptime,  reduce the server cost, saves electricity cost of servers, Cybersecurity IT staff cost.

Improve  Patient experience

Patients can avail of all the services provided by the hospital just with Few clicks. Patients can connect with Physicians, anytime, anywhere through any device. Patients can send old medical records and vitals with Physicians with just a few clicks as well as physicians can send Medical records to the Patients just in a few clicks. Patients can access old medical records anytime as well as vital trends just to track the progress. So all together will increase the patient experience.

SaaS-based Business model

SaaS-based model is always a good choice for the hospital (Refer article). SaaS-based business models save the cost of operation of hospitals as well as increase the productivity of staff.

Paperless operations

With the help of SaaS-based models, all activities of the hospital can be done Paperless. Form patient appointment, digital Queue, vitals measurement by a nurse and  check old medical records by physician and physician send e-prescription, medical order, lab and radiology orders,

Admit patients till discharge all the activities are paperless.

Eradicate Errors

Cloud-based solutions are designed with the help of advanced technology i.e Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Big data, Microservices based architecture, so all these technologies will eradicate errors

Highly secured data 

 Cloud-based systems are highly secured as they use advanced technologies for security. So all the data is end to end encrypted, safe, and secure. There are many other reasons as well which clearly shows why a hospital needs to implement cloud-based solutions like cloud-based solutions that will digitize all the departments and all the departments are integrated with each other and have Powerful Business intelligence that is one of the key elements for the growth of any organization. So when we consider all the above elements that will definitely reduce the overall Operational cost, Improve data security, improve the bottom line and increase Patient satisfaction

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