KareXpert Brings ‘Virtual Care Platform’ Technology For A Group of Healthcare Professionals

KareXpert, a Reliance Jio platform funded venture, launched a fully integrated, ‘Virtual Care Platform (VCP)’ specially designed for a group of doctors to open a virtual hospital. 

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Today, doctors are struggling financially due to reduced patient footfall in their clinics due to COVID-19 and increased patient expectations. The patient is now looking for multi-specialty like services rather than a single service to save time and get holistic healthcare. The patient is also looking for integrated telemedicine and OPD consultation services. 

To meet patient expectations, doctors are joining hands with each other with complementary specialties, creating an online quality healthcare service. However, these online healthcare services require a technology stack where these groups of doctors can come online and start offering services to their patients. The current aggregation technology solutions do not ensure patient privacy and as a result healthcare providers are afraid of losing their patients.

Unlike the current solutions, KareXpert VCP makes the doctor and his/her patient relationship truly private by creating a full-fledged virtual hospital by a group of known doctors (10 or more) using cloud-based, mobile-based technology stack. The patient’s self-registration enables him to log in to the virtual hospital and avail services from any of the doctors.

This virtual hospital offers online appointments, telemedicine, OPD consultation, e-prescription, patient EMR/EHR health records, online payment, and central call center services to the patients. The virtual hospital has also the capability to add neighborhood diagnostic labs and pharmacy shops to create an integrated offering for the patients. The virtual hospital appointed admin has the control to add and remove members.

KareXpert’s ‘Virtual Care Platform (VCP)’ is a pre-integrated SaaS (Software as a service) based solution. Opening a virtual hospital is a very easy process with an affordable monthly fixed fee.

“The Virtual Care Platform by KareXpert is going to bridge the gap between doctors and their patients using advanced technology stack without compromising patient privacy and security unlike the current solution,” said Nidhi Jain, CEO & Founder of KareXpert Technologies.

KareXpert Digital Healthcare Platform is already being used in some of the top healthcare providers across India, helping them achieve their digital health journey and providing enhanced healthcare services to their patients. 

Sign-up here or give a call on +91 9069113330 to schedule a meeting with KareXpert’s sales team to set up a free information session.

About KareXpert Technologies:

KareXpert has built an AI-Led Digital Healthcare Platform using ground zero approaches with the latest software technologies. The platform is built using Cloud first, Mobile first, AI-first approach. KareXpert offers a Software-as-a-service (SaaS) model which brings much-needed cash flow relief with fully managed cloud and application service. The platform services include Advanced HIMS, EMR/EHR, Telehealth, ERS Ambulance, LIMS, RIS/PACS Integration, Pharmacy, Medical IoT, Advanced BI, and COVID-19 Outbreak Management Platform.

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