Centralized COVID-19 Lab & Sample Collection Management

Sample Collection & Testing

Centrally monitor and manage sample collection and testing by your RRT team.


Automated E-reports to the patient, authorities and all concerning parties without any delay.


RRT Ambulance Management

Ambulance Assignment

With interactive ER system, quickly assign available ambulance and RRT team.

Ride Management

Manage ambulance ride with real-time ETA and location sharing.

Hospital Assignment

Assign available hospital to the COVID-19 patient according to the severity.

Isolation & Quarantine Cell Management


Hub & Spoke

Connect multispecialty hospital with multiple isolation cells and manage only critical cases at hub hospital.

Transient Medical Facility

Quick and easy set-up of the transient medical facility.

Manage Multiple Isolation & Quarantine Cells

Centrally track patient progress at multiple isolation cells.

Isolation & Quarantine Cell Management

EMR/EHR for the best patient care

Paperless Patient Care

Fully digitise your EMR/EHR processes and reduce the chances of infection among your staff.

Designated Workflows

Pre-configured role based workflows for Nurses, Doctors and Support Staff.


Send digital prescriptions to your patients and track their progres.

Telehealth for healing

Assisted & Self Care

Provide quality care directly to the home quarantined patient or assisted care to patients at Isolation cells .

Medical IoT Integrated

With integrated medical IoT devices, monitor the vitals of the patients.

Online Payments

Manage payments with integrated payment module for card, netbanking, UPI payments

ICU Monitoring from Remote Locations


Remote Vital Monitoring

Overcome the resource crunch with remote monitoring of ICU patients.

Doctor Consultation

Get real time expert advice via audio, video or chat.

Cloud Enabled On All Devices

SaaS Solution

A SaaS based solution to enable scaling faster and easy.

Fast Rollouts

Rollout COVID-19 OMP without overloading your Hospital Staff.

All Devices Accessible

Supported on all the devices be it Desktop, Tablet, Mobile or Laptop.


Mobile Apps for All


Role based Mobile Apps

Role specific apps for all the stakeholder to them at the top of their tasks.

User Friendly UI

User friendly UI increases the user adaptability by many folds.

Inventory Management

Pharmacy Management

Manage medicinal order centrally and track the critical medicine stocks in real time.

Medical Supply

Monitor and track medical supply usage at isolation cells.

Injectable & Consumables

Manage injectable & consumables supply from the hub hospital to isolation cells.

Call Centre

COVID-19 Call Centre Management

Answer Queries

Resolve FAQs of the patients or support staffs.

Manage Appointments

Assist patients in appointment scheduling and payment.

App Usage Queries

Help your stakeholders or patient with any App usage or navigation questions.

Interactive Dashboards for Informed Decision Making


Centralized Dashboards

Get centralized & consolidated dashboards on occupancy, mortality or patient progress.

BI Reporting

Customized reporting to the management on the operational efficiency.