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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I take Appointments without Registration?

    No, You have register first before taking an appointment. We share your clinical details with the doctor and doctor upload prescription directly to your account. Your history will also be maintained in your account. That is why its important to take an appointment with the respective registered account.

  • What are my options for consulting a doctor?

    We have three types of services mode for consultation that can be chosen on the basis of your preference –

    1. Chat 2. Online(Audio/Video Call ) Audio call 3. Physical visit

    You can also opt for consultation packages to save money

  • How can I register myself as Patient?

    Please Download KareXpert Patient App from Google Play store or visit www.karexpert.com to register yourself. We need phone number, name and password to register yourself.

  • My Family member does not have a phone number, Can he or she register ?

    Yes, KareXpert allows, multiple registration from the same phone number. Account is differentiated by the first name of the member. All SMS notification will come on that number.

  • How can I search a specialist doctor?

    Please visit our list of specialists, available from the home page, you can search either on basis of specialty. There are various ways to select a doctor such as location, symptoms, fees, experience degree, first Name, last Name etc.

  • What is the concept of RPD?

    RPD stands for Remote Patient Department. By using advanced technology, KareXpert has introduced this concept for online consultations .With the help of RPD , One can avail all healthcare services remotely through mobile or web app. It includes Video Consultation, Audio Call, Secure chat, Upload & sharing of digital medical reports.

  • How can I connect with Specialist Doctor?

    Register with us by providing your name, email address or mobile number. Create your Clinical Profile, Search doctor as per your requirement, View complete profile of doctor than book appointment; enter your reason for consultation, share medical records, Pay online ,doctor will connect with you as per digital queue as per your selected mode of consultation.

  • How much do I need to pay to consult doctor?

    You need to pay as per fees mentioned in doctor profile. This Fee is defined by the doctor.

  • Which browser should be used for smooth Video Call?

    Kindly use Google Chrome 26+ or Mozilla Firefox 30+ for high quality video call.

  • Who do I contact with billing questions ?

    Click on the Support and select the right query type and type the question, our support team will contact you shortly.

  • Where can I make inquiries?

    Click on the Support and select the right query type and type the question, our support team will contact you shortly o solve your query.




    You can connect with us anytime on a phone number listed on our website, we will be glad to assist you with any of your queries to help you serve better.

  • Where can I give my feedback or complaint?

    For feedback there is a feedback form, please fill in that form and Karexpert is collectively looking at those feedback form and enhancing the experience further.


    For complaint, Click on the Support and select the right query type and type the question, a ticket will be generated. our support team will contact you shortly to solve your query.

  • What if I have done the payment but don’t get a consultation service?

    In case of cancellation or non-confirmation of the appointment by KareXpert due to any reasons; three options are available to you:

    1. You may ask for rescheduling the appointment with the doctor, or

    2. You may claim a refund of the advance payment, or

    3. The advance payment may be added as credit in your account and be adjusted in due course for future consultations.

  • What if there is a technical issue either the internet speed or something else?

    Kindly ensure that you are connected to Wifi or you are using high speed internet connection. Make sure you are using Google Chrome 26+ or Mozilla Firefox 30+ for high quality call.


    In case you still cannot connect than feel free to notify us, we will be happy to assist you.

  • Is there any way by which I can check Internet Speed requirements for the consultation?

    After login, you have three dots on the right hand side .Once you click on dots there comes option to Test Internet Speed.

  • By when can I expect the call back from Doctor?

    Post appointment confirmation, doctor will call you back on your appointment time. But it is possible due to doctor busy schedule, it may be delayed for some tome. Doctor may also request you to reschedule, in case the call needs to be cancelled or rescheduled due to unavoidable circumstances.

  • What happen if I miss to receive the call?

    In case you don’t receive the call than you won’t be entitled for any refund.

  • How Do I change my Password?

    Go to your profile. There you will get the option to “Change password”;Click & enter new password which you want to set than Submit; It will be saved in your settings & you will get the notification of same.

  • How do I change my registered mobile number?

    Click on support form and send us the query to change the registered mobile number.

  • What to do if my phone is lost and I want to deactivate my account?

    Kindly notify us of the loss by either calling us or via email; We will deactivate your account for limited duration. Once you get your new phone with existing number or new number we can activate the account again.

  • How much time will refund settlement take?

    Once you claim a refund of the outstanding amount, we will make all endeavors to refund the amount within 7-14 working days.

    The outstanding amount may also be credited to your account which can be adjusted in your future consultations.

    Kindly note the refund will be made by Netbanking or by other such mode other than cash, depending upon the suitability of process adhered by the KareXpert.

  • What to do If I didn't receive the refunded money in stipulated time?

    Please notify KareXpert by clicking at the support and fill in the details for which refund has to be claimed. We will investigate the case & will resolve at earliest.

  • Is my credit or debit card information safe on your site?

    All payment transactions are done over secured payment gateways ensuring your security & privacy concerns. You are redirected your bank website. KareXpert is not storing your bank account information anywhere.

  • Where can I view my documents?

    You can view your documents in my ocuments in the app. You can also upload and share your medical documents like reports, prescription, images with your care provider.

  • Can I search hospital?

    Yes, you can search all care providers on our app – hospitals, doctors, pharmacy, labs, imaging centres, ambulance.

  • Where is my prescription stored?

    Your prescription is stored in the prescription folder in app.

  • Where can I check my appointments?

    You can refer “My Visits” tab on the navigation screen. It reflects your pending along with completed appointments if any.

  • Where can I see my purchased packages?

    Purchased Packages can be seen in “My Packages” on the navigation screen.

  • What is return policy?

    Please refer our refund policies.

  • What is the duration of the consultation?

    Approximate duration of the consultation is about 15 minutes. It may be exceed according to conversation between doctor and patient.

  • What if my account is hacked by anonymous person?

    Please change your password immediatelly. You shall immediately notify KareXpert of any actual or suspected unauthorized use of your login or password. Although KareXpert will not be liable for your losses caused by any unauthorized use of your account such as stolen or hacked passwords.

  • Is it safe to share my documents?

    Yes, Your documents are shared in Secured way only with providers to whom you have given the permission to access your documents for diagnosis purpose. No one other than you can share documents. 

  • I practice in multiple clinics, is it possible to show all under my profile?

    Yes you can add multiple clinics under single profile. You can create single appointment calendar & manage multiple clinics smoothly with same.

  • How can I register on your App as a doctor?

    You can download our KareXpert Doctor app from play store or share your mobile number with us, we will share the URL on your mobile number or email id. Also if you want to see a demo than please drop us an email, our sales team will contact you.

  • What is the pricing model for doctors?

    Its consumption/usage based model. Kindly drop us the email mentioning your queries; our support team will contact you & answer all your queries.

  • How can I create my appointment schedule?

    You can create your appointment schedule under “My Calendar” in your account. Simply open “My Calendar”, define your available time slots corresponding to the mode of consultation –Online/Physical. For Physical you also have the option to define timings of multiple facilities you visit.

    Please note in case of Hospitals, ensure that the hospital is registered with us than only you can create corresponding time slot in the calendar.

  • Does Signing up for KareXpert App guarantee any appointments?

    KareXpert App is a tool to enhance your online presence & expand your reach but doesn’t guarantee any appointments.

  • Does my online profile on your App influence the order in which I am listed in the search results?

    No registering with our app & creating your profile has no effect on the order in which your profile will appear in our search results.

  • How much do I need to pay for Profile listing?

    Doctor Profile listing is absolutely free; You don’t have to pay anything to get listed on our APP.

  • What are the documents required for verification?

    We believe you will enter correct details. To support details filled by you, you will need to upload your KYC documents such as aadhar card or voter Id card and Certificate of Registration for your registration number. Post submission our team will verify for authentication of documents and then the activation will be done.

  • How will I get appointment booked alerts for consultation from KareXpert App?

    Post appointment booking, you will get a notification from our team with details of patient, time slot, consultation mode, reason for consultation.

    In case you want to reschedule or cancel the appointment you can raise request for same.

  • How can I monitor performance on your app w.r.t consultations done?

    All details can be viewed on dashboard.

  • Can Patients share their medical records with me?

    Yes. Patients can upload their documents like lab reports, scans, images, prescription & share with doctor before or during consultation. You can also access patient’s complete clinical profile before consultation.

  • Does this mean any doctor can access Patients Data?

    No. Patient’s data is completely secured on our Cloud platform. Patients decide & authorize access of profile or documents with selected doctor at their own will; they have the option to share/un-share medical records to maintain privacy.

  • How can I improve my Visibility?

    Engage with people constantly on our portal by uploading case studies, publishing checklists, articles on healthy living, or anything that you feel will benefit the society in embracing the wellness culture.Attract feedback, earn recommendations & spread digital word of mouth by providing quality care.

  • How can I migrate my data?

    Our team will help you in importing data on KareXpert Cloud thereby ensuring smooth and quick migration of your data.

  • Do I have to pay for any upgrade?

    No once you subscribe to our app, all upgrades are for free.

  • What is RPD?

    RPD stands for Remote Patient Department. By using advanced technology, KareXpert has introduced this concept for online consultations .With the help of RPD, you can provide remote consultation to patients through mobile or web app as per your convenience. You have the flexibility to define your RPD hours. It includes Video Consultation, Audio Call, Secure chat, sharing ePrescription, accessing digital medical reports.

  • How much does RPD cost at KareXpert?

    RPD is free for patients on KareXpert Platform. KareXpert does not charge anything from patients.

    Patients only pay the doctor fee which is displayed in their profile.

    For doctors, its usage based model. You Pay some amount only when patient avails digital service.

  • Where my posts will be published?

    All articles/posts/case studies uploaded by you will be published on your profile page on KareXpert Web App & Android App.

  • Do I need Profile on KareXpert to use Digital OPD/RPD?

    Yes. Profile on KareXpert is required to use Digital OPD/RPD. Registering on our app will allow you to create profile in case you are not listed on our portal.

  • Can I use RPD according to my schedule?

    Yes. Working with KareXpert is ultimately flexible. You can take those moments in a day when you don’t have many appointments at your clinic. You can decide & display your timings in calendar as per your availability & convenience.

  • What are the benefits of KareXpert Doctor App?

    • Secure data storage on Cloud

    • ePrescription

    • Digital Medical Records

    • Access Patient Profile before consultation

    • Online Appointments

    • Practice Anytime, Anywhere

    • Mobile App as well as Web App

    • No overhead cost

    • Free Subscription

  • How does your App help doctors?

    KareXpert transforms Doctor to a Smart Doctor.

    • Efficient Practice Management

    • Consult Anytime, Anywhere

    • Additional Income

    • Reach Expansion at no cost

    • High Patient Continuity

    • High Patient Satisfaction

    • Earn Recommendations

    • Digital Word of Mouth

    • Go Paperless

  • Is my data safe?

    All your data is safe on our cloud. KareXpert Servers are hosted on AWS-Amazon Web Services which maintains highest security standard.

  • Do I need to buy any special device to Practise RPD?

    No, you need not buy any special device for RPD Practise. Our App runs on any smart device like Smart Phone, Tablet, Laptop or desktop.

  • I need training & support for successful Consultation?

    Our App is designed with easy to use technology. You can do self-learning through our training videos on Website. Still if you need any assistance we will be happy to support you. Feel free to reach us on care@KareXpert.com or call.

  • How will I get Paid for delivering service?

    Patient will pay online at the time of appointment before consultation. Biweekly invoice will be generated for all your consultations served through KareXpert & accordingly the amount will be credited to your account as per agreed contract terms.