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X-Ray / CT / MRI Online

Patients can view their X-Ray, CT Scans, MRI Scans on their devices with the help of patient application.

Patients faces a bit trouble in managing their hospital documents. On every visit of hospital / doctor patients have to carry all the documents(Prescriptions, previous medical records, current medical records, x-rays, CT’s etc.) with them.

KareXpert Patient App contains all the patient related documents and other information. Patients can access their medical documents via mobile app or via web app. This lets patient to walkin into hospital just with their mobile device and not without any paper document.All the patient related data is safely secured on healthcloud and can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

All the documents are available in digital format like : Dicom images, x-rays, prescriptions, invoice recipts, transaction records etc.


Paperless Patient

Patients don’t need to carry medical documents like : X-Ray’s, CT’s, Prescriptions and other details with them.

Cloud Sync Enabled

All the medical documents of patients are seamlessely synchronised with their devices.

Remote Communication

Patients can access their data related to medical documents and other information from anywhere.

Platform Independent

To view X-Ray, DICOM images patient don’t need to install any software / hardware.


Easier Management

Patients can easily manage their medical documents like : X-Ray’s, CT’s, Prescriptions and other details.

24x7 Availability

All of the documents are available in patient app and can be accessed anytime and from anywhere.

Enhanced Patient Satisfaction

Now patients don’t have to carry documents for every visit to hospital / doctor.

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