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View All Transactions

KareXpert’s View All Transactions allows doctors to view, analyse the transactions made by their patients.

View all transactions allows smart doctors to view all the transactions made by patients. Doctors can see all the transactional data under Invoice & Billing section of web and mobile app. Doctors can apply various filters to get a transactional details between some period of time.

Each transaction contains some details like Order No, Date of Transaction, Package Name, Clinic / Hospital Name, Order Status, Total Paid Amount and Show Invoice.


Invoivce & Billing

Doctors can view all the invoice & billing details under single tab.

Apply Filters

Doctors can apply filters to get precise data according to him.

Order Status

Order status clearly shows that if an order is booked, completed, cancled or no show.

Cloud Sync Enabled

All of the details regarding billing and invoice are updated in realtime.


For every booked appointment, canceled, no show doctor gets proper notification on their web as well as mobile app.


Easy & Time saving

Improved UI and better functionality makes it easy for doctors to use this feature for their convenience.

Remotely Accessed

Doctors can access invoice and billing information all most from anywhere & anytime.

Easy Management

Doctors can easily maintain billing and invoice information from a single app.

Analytical View

Based on certain parameters app can show results in the form of graphs which are easy to analyse.

Print, Save or Share Invoice

Doctors can take print out of invoice, can save it for later use or can share it via email etc.

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