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Video Consultation(RPD)

Provide Remote Consultation to Patients
End to End Digital Connectivity

RPD- Remote Patient Department is patent of Karexpert which stands for remote patient department. RPD is the delivery of healthcare services, where distance is very critical factor. Healthcare professionals will use communication and information technologies and provide valid information for diagnosis and treatment for diseases, injuries. Now a days managing post surgeries is one the biggest pain of patients as well as get consultation & advice from the best health professionals without having a question in mind about location of hospital.

Healthcare professionals can provide remote consultation to the patient with the help of audio/ video consultation ,can maintain patient history and send digital prescription directly sent to the patient and it will be store in patient app and can be used for further consultation, So basically this technology is brining revolution the field of digital healthcare by limiting the gap between the users and healthcare providers globally.

RPD of Karexpert provides the end to end digital connectivity. Patient can easily get consultation from the global health care professionals remotely by booking RPD appointment with doctor of there choice and according to your convenient choice. Do payments with few clicks and get digital prescription, digital bills and invoice, so always connect with the best healthcare professional globally anytime.


Pre and Post surgeries

Patients can access RPD service before and after their treatment(Surgery) with their doctor.

Digital Prescription

Digital or e-Prescription helps patients to take online prescription without visiting Hospital / Clinic.

Receive Digital payments

Patient can instantly pay for RPD service right from the platform the are using, App or Website.

Global reach

Since it can be accessed by any patient on the globe.

Share medical records

Patients can share their previous as well as current medical records to doctors.

Digital invoice and billing

Patients can do payment and billing, invoicing without waiting in queues.

Book Audio/Video Consultation

Patients can book any of audio / video consultation online.

National patients or international patients

Video Consulting can be available for both national and international patients.


Extended reach

Hospitals, Clinics, Doctors can be reached easily by patients.

New Revenue Chanel

Digital Video Consulting opens new revenue chanels for Hospitals / Clinics.

Receive Digital payments

Patients can instantly pay to Doctors, Hospitals, Clinics for their appointment.

Connect with any Doctor

Patients can easily connect with any available doctor for theri treatment, health advice etc.

Best Advice from Health Professional

By using audio / video consulting patients can get best health advice from a professional.

Saves times, money and efforts

Since patient don’t have to move from their home to hospital / clinic.

Doctor can increase there reach

Doctor can increase their reach by getting more no. of patient from specific area.

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