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Unified Registration Desk

Register, inquire for something, book appointment, billing & payment etc. All of the facilities comes under one software.

With KareXpert Unified Registration Desk for Hospitals and Clinics, patient can register for themeselves, can inquire for something, book appointments for a particular doctor, order pathlogy lab tests, know status of his/her medical reports and can do billing/payment without having to move from one pace to another or from one department to another. All of the patient details are synced with healthcloud and up to date in real time environment.

Patients also gets sms notifications for any of the successfull booking of Pathology Lab Test, Appointment with a particular doctor, Lab Reports, cancellation of appointment etc.


Patient Registration

Registration of patients can be done from KareXpert Unified Registration Desk.

Book appointment with Doctor

Appointment booking can be done for in-patient as well as walkin patients.

Re-Schedule Appointment

Patients can re-schedule appointments from Unified Registration Desk.

Cancel Appointment

Patients can also cancle there appointment at any time as per hospital policy.

Billing and Payment

Patients can pay their bills.

Completed Apointments

Patients as well as staff members can see the details of completed appointments.


Single calender for online and walk-in-patient

All the appointments can be viewed on a single calander for both online patients as well as walk-in patients.

No extra waiting Time

KareXpert Unified Registration Desk manages patient queries, easy to use and saves time.

SMS Notifications

When a patient books some appointment with a doctor, order pathology lab test then he/she recieves proper sms notifications for that.

Higher Patient Satisfaction

24x7 Patient Online Services

No revenue lekage

Since all transactions are recorded and monitored.

Analytical Reports

Records can be filtered on the basis of various categories in order to review by admin.

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