Explore Telehealth features

Telehealth Digital Platform


Radiologist at the central-hub analyze and prepare a report for the MRI, CT-Scan or Ultrasound done at the remote-scan center


Using integrated medical IoT devices, specialist doctors at central-hub provides expert recommendations after reviewing uploaded ECG reports


Remotely monitor ICU patients by specialist doctors at the hub hospital


Monitor and provide the best care to remote and rural cancer patients

Easily manage and
schedule consultations

Audio/Video/Text Consultation

Interact with your patient via different communication channels like audio/video/text

Manage Appointment

Define and allocate teleconsultation time slots as per your schedule

Call Center Agent CRM App

Assist your patients in setting up appointments with fully integrated Call Center Agent CRM App

Provide seamless patient

Remote Patient Registration

Now register your patients remotely via assisted mode or self-registration

Patient EMR/EHR

View patient medical records like X-Ray, ECG, MRI, past prescriptions, diagnostic reports, etc.


Create and share e-prescription including treatment plan, lab test, medicine dosage, etc.

Satellite Clinic

Set-up your satellite clinic with support staff. Connect patients at the satellite clinic with the specialist doctors at the central-hub

Collect Payment

Set your consulting charges and enable payment via cash, wallet, net banking or credit card

Integrated and

Whitelabbled App

Create your hospital branded Telehealth app and web portal

Medical IoT

Measure and monitor patient vitals remotely and in real-time with pre-integrated medical IoT devices