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Smart Pharmacy

KareXpert Smart Pharmacy ensures patients and prescribers achieve optimal outcomes by providing smart, innovative, and cutting edge medication management services.

KareXpert’s Smart Pharmacy is dedicated to delivering a personalized, high-touch customer experience to help patients achieve the best possible outcomes through a smarter combination of innovation and technology digitally.
Smart Pharmacy’s Specialty Care Team collaborates with doctors, health plans and manufacturers to provide the best medication, support and education for patients.


Order Online Medicine

Patients can order their medicine online without visiting pharmacy.

Billing / Invoicing

All of the billing and invoicing can be done via app or with web app.


Patients can receive real time notifications for their order.


Easy To Use

Smart Pharmacy provides a user friendly UI so that patients can use it easily.

Go paperless

No paper work is required, whole procedure is fully digital.

Connect with any pharmacy

Patients can connect to any available / listed pharmacy.

Get 24*7 facilities

Smart Pharmacy is available 24*7 all time.

Online Payment

Patients can do payment for their medicine online.

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