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Text Consultation

Consult online with your Doctor via Text Consultation in real time regardless of your physical location.

KareXpert Text Consultation is Health Chat services which is provided by the healthcare professional to the user who is remotely available.This technology is filling the gap of availability of healthcare. Health Chat can be taken for the follow ups ,for the minor treatment or for the first aid services. Text consultation is managing time of doctor and patients.Doctors can monetize there time by defining specific fee for text consultation and in return patient are getting advice and consultation from the best healthcare hospital growth is directly proportional to the growth of doctor and happy & satisfied patients.

The patented text consultation of Karexpert will the provide doctors to define specific date, time and fee and Doctor can provide the text consultation in between any duration of the defined timings and can maintain patient history ,can send digital prescription directly sent to the patient and that can be used for further consultation, So doctor and patients with can be in touch with each other remotely.

Patients can avail the Karexpert health chat (text consultation)service from healthcare professionals s anytime , anywhere by booking text consultation appointment according to the doctors of there choice and according to the convenient time.Do payments with few clicks and get digital prescription, digital bills and always connect with the best healthcare professional globally anytime.


Cloud storage to manage patients records

Every single record of patient are stored on healthcloud.

Digital payments

Digital mode of payment enables patients to pay bill online.

Digital Prescription

Digital or e-Prescription helps patients to take online prescription without visiting Hospital / Clinic.

Book Text Consultation

Patients can book their text consultation and can pay instantly for that.

Share medical records

Patients can share their medical records to doctor digitally.

Remote consultation

Since patients do not need to visit hospital / clinic. They can consult from their home.

Invoicing and billing

Patients can aslo recieves their billing, invoice digitally.


increase your reach globally

Text consulting hepls Hospitals / Clinics to reach among peoples globally.

Connect with more patients

Online presence of Hospital / Clinic through text consultation brings more patients to connect.

24*7 connectivity

Patients can connect with doctor, hospital at any time.

Sms notifications

Patients can recieve notifications from doctor , hospital in real time.

Health chat with any doctor

Text Consultation provides flexibility to connect with any doctor / hospital.

Increase growth and productivity

Since it brings more and more patients to a hospital / clinic.

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