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Smart IPD

KareXpert Smart IPD allows hospitals to manage in patients.

KareXpert Smart IPD allows hospitals to manage in-patients digitally so that he or she can be closely monitored during the procedure and afterwards, during recovery.

Hospitals also manages their X-Rays, CT-Scans and MRI-Scans(DICOM images) by using PACS(picture archiving and communication system) digitally.


View Reports and Profile

IPD patients can view their reports and their profile.

Discharge Summary

Patients can view their discharge summary digitally.

TPA Management

TPA management can be tracked by Smart-IPD

IPD Reports

All of the patient IPD reports are available on healthcloud.

MRD (Medical Record Documents)

MRD or Medical Record Documents are also available for patients.

IPD billing

Patients can also do billing from Smart-IPD


Cost Control

Since all of the transactions are recorded and transparent.

Enhanced Revenue

Higher patient satisfaction leads to open more revenue channels.

Improved Patient Care

Patient vitals can be managed more effectively by smart IPD

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