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Smart ICU

Monitor Patient Vitals | Patient Reports | Tele Monitoring

KareXpert Smart ICU allows hospitals to digitally manage patients including Monitoring of Patient Vitals, ICU Patient Reports, Tele Monitoring, Digital Medical Records, Billing & Payment and more. Hospitals can optimize their cost, can better manage ICU Patients, Manage their revenue, Alalyse reports to get statistical data.


Monitor Patient Vitals

Smart ICU monitors patient vitals to ensure proper care.

ICU patient reports

Smart ICU keeps all patient reports on healthcloud.

Tele monitoring

Telemonitoring service helps patients to consult with health expert from their home.

Electronic Medical Record

Patients detalils are monitored in real time and saved on healthcloud.

Billing and Payment

Patients can pay their bill from integrated payment option in Smart ICU


Better ICU Management

Smart ICU provides better patient management by regular monitoring of patient vitals.

Enhanced Patient Care

Patient all time activity is monitored through Smart ICU.

Quality Response Time

Smart ICU provides advance feature of healthcare.

Cost Optimization

Smart ICU enables new revenue channels for hospitals / clinics.

Analytical Reports

Smart ICU provides analytical reports based on the patient data in healthcloud.

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