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Doctor Rich Online Profile

Rich Online profile increases doctors online visibility.

KareXpert’s rich online profile for doctors is a very good feature since it provides a detailed informative view for doctors profile on the internet. Patients can now easily view some most important details about doctors like: Their work experience in a particular field, Their speciality, Their timings for a particular day and the hospital or clinic in which the doctor is present.

Patients can directly book their appointment right from the profile view of a doctor. They have three options for booking an online appointment

  • OPD Consultation.
  • Video Consultation.
  • Text Consultation.


Doctor Can Communicate to patients

Doctors can also communicate with patients when required.

seamless connectivity

Patient can seamlessely access doctors profile for booking an appointment online.

Remote Communication

Doctor as well as patient can communicate online by using thier respective mobile apps.


Easy & Time saving

Patients have no need to visit hospital/doctor every time since they can communicate via audio-video or text consultation.

Easy to communicate

With seamless connectivity and user friendly user interface doctors can easily communicate with patients.

Realtime Notifications service

Patients can recieve sms notifications for booking appointment, medical test report.

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