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KareXpert My Patient for Smart Doctors helps doctors to manage their patients and their records/reports digitally.

KareXpert’s My Patient for Doctors is a useful featured product for doctors to manage and maintain their patients online health record.  Doctors can now view how many patients takes appointments, how many takes colsultation audio-video / text etc.

Doctors recieves realtime notifications for each and every OPD, Text Consultation, Video Consultation and all these details are safely and securely saved inside healthcloud for later use by doctors, hospitals for analysing the data.


Keeps Track Of Patients

My Patient can keep tracks of how many patients are interacting using patient app.

Easy To Manage

Doctors can manage their patient via My Patient by alalysing their historical data saved in healthcloud.

Realtime Notifications

Doctors can recieve alerts / notifications for each and every OPD bookig etc.


Easy & Time saving

It is easy to use and very effective in terms of patient management.

Remotely Accessed

Now doctors have their patient data recorded on a healthcloud.

Realtime Notifications service

Patients can recieve sms notifications for booking appointment, medical test report.

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