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Satellite Clinic

Delivering effective healthcare into the heart of remote communities.

KareXpert Satellite Clinic can installed away from the hospital premises where patient can connect to any doctor and doctor can consult patients remotely.

Doctors can do many things like view patient vitals, patient details, medical reports, E-prescription, lab reports, diagnostic reports, symptoms etc via Video Consultation or Text Consultation. On the basis of patient records doctor can also send prescription and prescribe test as per symptoms.

Patients do not have to visit again and again to doctor’s clinic or hospital. He/She can do consultation from any remote area.


Ultra Low Cost Expansion

Expand in top 800 cities all India

Highly Secure

All data/record is managed on highly secured servers which provides end to end security.

Remote Communication

Pateint communication allows patients to communicate with doctors from remote location via patient mobile app.


24x7 Availability

Online Patient Communication is available 24x7.

Easy & Time Saving

It is easy to use and provides a user friendly UI with seamless connectivity.

Remotely Accessed

Patient Communication is digital and can be accessed remotely from anywhere.

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