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Queue Management

KareXpert Queue Management System provides a better and intelligent way to manage patients waiting for doctor.

A queue management system is used to control, manage queues and to reduce waiting time. KareXpert’s Queue Management provides patient queues so that patients receive the right care at the right time in a comfortable, hassle-free environment.
From patient check-in to patient calling and appointment management Queue Management allow hospitals and clinics to map patient journey, efficiently manage patient waiting time and organize the entire patient flow at hospital and clinic service areas.

Our virtual queuing processes make it easy for customers to set appointments and wait from anywhere. Our software and hardware are engineered to work together. That means customers can make an appointment online, check in via a kiosk on site, receive communications and alerts via mobile apps and SMS messages, and even rate their experience on a handheld device before they leave the environment.


Patient Display Queue

Patient display queue are shown on a display screen.

Realtime Notification

Patients can recieves realtime notifications for their order number.

Online Booking

Patients can book for online healthcare services without visiting to Hospital.

Manage Patients Smoothly

Queue management system properly manages patient queues.

Minimized Waiting Time

Queue management provides a smooth way to manages patients and reduce extra waiting time smartly.

Self Service Kiosk

Self service Kiosk allows patients to book, cancel their appointment.

Re schedule or cancel appointment

Patients can re-schedule or cancles their appointment through mobile app.

Avoid Overbooking

Queue management tracks patient appointments / queues to avoide overbooking.


Go paperless

Patients don’t need to wait in queus for their appointment booking. They can book their appointment online.

Realtime Notifications

Patients can recieves realtime notifications for their order number.

Highly Scalable

Queue management system keeps track of patient appointments and manages records for that.

Reports & Analytics

Queue management system provides alalytics for patient appointment booking and generates reports for that.

User Friendly

KareXpert Queue Management system provides a user friendly UI and very easy to use for patients.

Transparent, Safe & Secure

Patients can view how many appointments booked and how many are left.

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