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Physical Co-Branding

Digital marketing connect the Patient and Providers online uisng various social media channels such as Google Search, Facebook and LinkedIn etc.

Physical Co-Branding allows the Hospital to project themselves as “SMART Hospital” with KareXpert technologies. For example Hopsital Lobby will have display board of Patient App and brand themselves as Online Hospital for all Patient services. The same can be used wherever the Hospital put their banners either inside or outside Hospital. This will increase online reach of such Hospitals which ultimately promotes hospital among peoples.



Hospital Branding

Hospitals can brand themselves using KareXpert’s services and products.

Increase Online Reach

Physical co-branding ensures an increase in online reach of hospital.

More Information To Patients

Hospitals can show their facilities to patients just to create awareness.


Cost Efficient

Physical co-branding is highly cost efficient because it is like a one time investment for a long period of time.

Increase Online Reach

Digital marketing increases online reach by advertising, link building, social bookmarking etc.

New Revenue Channel

If people knows more and more services and facilities about hospital then they tends to search for them which will promote more revenue stream.

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