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24×7 pathology services
Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

KareXpert Pathology Digital Health Services brings Patient as well as provider side to go online for 24x7 pathology services. Patient can be anywhere and access the pathology services using any of their devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptop or desktop. Pathology staff manage the order, lab reports and patient health record data.

We are living-in computer-driven future – transitioning all of our manual diagnoses to digital. Digital pathology promises a similar transformation, enabling labs to further improve the systematic management of pathology making lab paper-less. Three important functions of digital pathology are to search test labs, book online and share pathology reports online. By augmenting workflows with digital pathology solutions, -such as electronic medical records (EMR), laboratory information management systems, and so on -can benefit patient as well as doctor by enabling them to search for patient pathology and related clinical information using more intuitive means, such as patient IDs or case IDs.


Lab Rich Profile

Hospitals / Clinics / Pathology Labs can maintain their lab profile with rich content. To provide correct and some additional information to patients.

Cloud Storage

All the patient related data is stored on hospital healthcloud like Lab reports, patient records etc.


Multi location labs can maintain patient records form a centralised healthcloud which can be accessed from anywhere.

Lab Tests and their Prices Details

Patients can view their lab reports and their pathology tast details.

Order Workflow for walk-in and online patients

Smart PathLab can maintain and manage workflow for walk-in and online patients.

Online Digital Reports to Patients

Patients can get their Pathology Lab test reports online without visiting to Hospital or Clinic.

Billing and Invoicing

Hospitals or Clinics can generate invoice and recieve payments online for Smart Pathlab.

Notification and SMS

Patients can get notifications about their lab reports on their mobile device via sms or email.

Creates packages and their pricing

Hospitals and clinics can maintain or creates new packages for Pathology Lab.


24x7 Patient Online Services

Patients can view their lab test reports, order some lab test online.

Increase Online Reach

With online systems Hospitals or Clinics can be reached by patients easily.

Digital Payment Enabled

Hospitals and Clinics can recieve payments for Smart Pathlab online.

Advanced Reports and Analytics

Smart Pathlab keeps all patient related data on healthcloud and generates alalytical reports.

Paperless Patient

Patients do not have to carry papers for test reports, because all the reports are instantly available online.

Increased Efficiency

Since it involves digital interaction of patient with Hospital, Clinic, Doctor therefore it increases hospital effeciency.

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