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Patients don’t need to visit hsopital or pharmacy again and again for medicine because he / she can now order their medicine online.

KareXpert’s Order Medicine Online helps patient to get their required medicine at home without visiting hospital, clinic or pharmacy. This reduces patient effort and helps them to access pharmacies from a remote location. Patients can sometimes takes advantage of cost reduction on medicines by availing discount on medicines.

Odering medicine online from home is rather convenient than to go and purchase medicines from pharmacies.


Order Online Medicine

Patients can order medicine online without visiting hospital, clinic or pharmacy.

Discounted Rates

Based on some price limit and other criteria patients can avail some discount on online medicines.

Digital Payment Enabled

Patients can pay their medicine bill by using various payment option online.


Easy & Time saving

It is easy to use and provides a user friendly UI so that patients can easily book medicines online.

Remotely Accessed

Patients don’t need to visit different pharmacies again and again they can order medicines from their home.

Realtime Notifications service

Patients can recieve sms notifications for booking medicine, transaction etc.

Seamless Connectivity

Users can order medicine at any time and from all most anywhere.

Connect With Any Pharmacy

Our AI based search results includes a number of pharmacies. Patients can choose any of them fro booking medicines.

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