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Order Lab Test Online lets patients to book a pathology lab test without visiting hospital, clinic or a pathology lab.

KareXpert Order Online Lab Test is very helpful product for patients and pathology labs. Since patients don’t have to visit hospital then pathology lab multiple times. They can book their pathology lab test as recomended by doctor directly from the application.

Pathology labs can maintain a rich profile of their pathlab for their online presence. Since patients would prefer a best pathology lab for their test. Pathology labs can also upload patient tes report online and send them notification in real time which will increase patient satisfaction and relaibility of pathology lab.


Order Online Test

Patients can order their pathology lab test online without visiting Hospital or Path Lab.

Lab Rich Profile

Patrients can view and compare pathology labs for their tests.

Digital Payment

Patients can pay their bill for test right from the application.

Upload Test Reports

Pathology Lab can upload patients test report on healthcloud so that patient can view reports anywhere.


Higher Patient Satisfaction

Patients can now pay online and view their reports online without applying extra effort.

Digital Payment

Pathology Labs can accept digital payment which is easy to manage and highly secure.

More Revenue Channels

Since online presence of a pathology lab increases which directly increase their revenue.

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