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Order Imaging Test

KareXpert’s Order Imaging Test is a very usefull product for patients since they don’t need to visit hospital / clinic for test consultation.

Patients can now book / order their Imaing test from their home. They do not need to visit hospital or any clinc or doctor for scheduling their imaging test.
Patient can use KareXpert’s both mobile as well as web app for scheduling imaging test.
This lets patients to book their imaging test without any extra effort.

Patients can view the available tests for a hospital / clinic and can select the test which is recomended by their doctor
. Patients can also be notified by sms notifications as well as app notification for every successfull / uncessfull test booking and other details.


Order Online Imaging Test

Patients can order imaging test online without visiting hospital or clinic.

Radiology communication

Like other departments Radiology can also communicate with patient to provide notification about their reports.

Remote Communication

Patients can communicate with doctors via any of the provided method like text consultation or video consultation.

Realtime Notifications

Patient recieves sms alerts, notifications for theri appointments, scan schedules etc.


Easy & Time saving

It is easy to use and provides a user friendly UI so that patients can use this feature easily.

Easy to communicate

With seamless connectivity and user friendly UI patients can communicate with doctors with ease.

Realtime Notifications service

Patients can recieve sms notifications for booking appointment, medical test report.

Connect With Any Hospital / Doctor

Patients can connect to any hospital or doctor for their imaging scan.

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