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Online Test Report

KareXpert E-Prescription reduce paper prescriptions, and the risk of error associated with written prescriptions.

Patients can view their pathology lab report on both KareXpert’s web app or on mobile app. Patients do not need to visit hospital, clinic, or any pathology lab for their lab report because he / she can now access their reports from any remote location.

All reports are automatically be available inside patient account. Patients can view or share those reports with other doctors for the sake of better treatment or reports can be saved for later use.

Patients can even access to thier previous medical reports from different doctors on a single click. This leads to increase patient satisfaction.


Access Medical Reports

Patients can access their medical test reports by logging in their account without visiting the patient to hospital or doctor.

Healthcloud Sync Enabled

All of the reports are uploaded on healthcloud corresponding to their patient account ID’s and are automatically sync with apps.


Since a patients reports are stored on healthcloud hence patient / doctor can access patient reports at anytime, anywhere.

Manage Reports

Hospitals / Clinics or even Path Labs can also manage lab reports of patients from their end.


Digital Reports

Patients don’t need to carry extra papers or documents for reports etc. All of the reports are available on healthcloud.

Patients can share reports

Patients can also share their current as well as previous reports to other doctors.

Safe & Secure

All of the reports can be accessed by logging in to patient account and not by any person.

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