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Online Lab Reports

KareXpert Online Lab Reports provides lab reports digitally so that it is easier for patients to access reports regardless of their physical location.

KareXpert’s online Lab Report or  Online Pahtology Lab Report is a very usefull product for both path labs, hospitals and patients because it is much easier for labs to upload patient test reports online so that patient, doctor can view their lab reports without visiting any hospital or laboratory.

Patients can also download a copy of their pathology report for later use. Reports can also be mailed(shared). Each and every test report is automatically added to their respective patient account which can be accessed via mobile app.


24x7 Availability

Patients can access their lab reports anytime anywhere and on any smart device.


Since all reports are uploaded on healthcloud in digital form hence it will reduce the use of paper on a large scale.


Each patient report is password protected which ensures high end to end security and takes care of patient privacy too.


Easy To Manage

All of the patient reports are stored safely on healthcloud and patients can easily view and manage their reports by logging in their account.

Enhanced Patient Satisfaction

Patient can access their reports from their home and not by visiting hospital or path lab. They can also share their report to other doctors also without moving to doctor or hospital.

Digital Reporting
Reports are stored on healthcloud in digital form and can be accessed from anywhere and on any device.

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