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Medical Bill Online

Patients can pay their medical bills online by using KareXpert web app and mobile app. They can also view transaction history of their previous payments.

Patients don’t have to wait in long queus for the payment of their medical bills they can directly pay their medical bills by logging in their patient account in both mobile and web application. Our application uses various payment options so that patients don’t have to face such problems.

Each and every transaction is recorded for safety purpose. Like patients can also view their transaction history for a particular period of time, for a particular hospital / clinic etc. Patients can also view their previous medical bills associated with corresponding transaction.


Digital Payment

Patients can pay their medical bills online without waisting time.

Multiple Payment Option

Users can choose between multiple options for payment of their medical bills online.

Remote Access

Our app provides seamless connectivity so that it can be used from anywhere.


Patients can set reminders, alerts to get notified for the payment of their medical bills based on their requirement.


Easy & Time saving

With a user friendly UI users can easily make payment of their medical bills online.

Transaction History

Patients can access their transaction history at any time by logging in from their account on web as well as mobile app.

Realtime Notifications

Patients recieves sms notifications for every successfull / unsucessfull or pending transaction on their mobile devices.

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