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KareXpert’s International Patients provides facility to manage international patients. Patients outside from India can also avail medical treatment by karexpert’s patient app.

Patients from outside from India can take medical treatment through KareXpert’s Patient App. International patients can use KareXpert Telemedicine App(RPD) for consulting doctors / hospital withous visiting to hospital. Many of International Patients came india for their treatment and after treatment they can aslo take Video Consultation with their doctor from abroad as well they don’t have to visit doctor again and again untill some critical problem arises. They can also pay for their consultation online.

International patients can also upload their previous medical records like prescriptions, X-Rays, CT’s or other important documents etc which will be safe on KareXpert’s Healthcloud. Patients can also view their transaction history, appointment history, their uploaded documents, can view doctors profile, hospital profile or can manage their own profile.


Video Consultation(RPD)

International Patients can communicate with doctors via video consultation.

Text Consultation

Patients can aslo communicate / consult with doctor via text consultation.

Digital Payment Enabled

Pateint can also pay their medical bills or pay for their appointment for consultation online.

Upload / Share Medical Records

International patients can share their previous as well as current medical records with doctor.

Review Doctor’s Profile

Patients can also search, review doctors profile for the sake of better treatment.

Pathology Lab Communication

Pathology Lab can also communicate with patient in order to notification for test reports.


Remote Consultation
International patients can consult with doctors remotely.
24x7 Availability

Patient can access thier reports, billing history, appointment calander etc 24x7.

Enhances Patient Satisfaction

With RPD(Video Consultation) patients can consult with doctors without visiting to hospital.

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