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Integration with HIMS

A hospital information system ( HIS ) is essentially a computer system that can manage all the information to allow health care providers to do their jobs effectively.

Health information management (HIM) is information management applied to health and health care. It is the practice of acquiring, analyzing and protecting digital and traditional medical information vital to providing quality patient care. With the widespread computerization of health records, traditional (paper-based) records are being replaced with electronic health records (EHRs). The tools of health informatics and health information technology are continually improving to bring greater efficiency to information management in the health care sector. Both hospital information systems and Human Resource for Health Information System (HRHIS) are common implementations of HIM.


Smart And Adaptable

Smartly and easily manages data of patients, doctors etc and easy to integrate.

Cloud Sync Enabled

Keeps track of each and every transactions in real time environment and remains perfectly synced with cloud.

Highly Secure

All data/record is managed on highly secured servers which provides end to end security.


24x7 Available

Since it does not require any extra human effort to maintain hospital information.


Hospital information management system provides various analytical reports based on different factors.

Cost Effective

KareXpert’s hospital information management system helps hospitals to manage hospital information with minimal human interaction.

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