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Hospital Website

Hospital website helps to increase online presence of Hospitals. It also allows patients to interact with hospital remotely.

Hospital Website makes a new platform for the patient who visit the Hospital site to get information. Hospital site ends up prepared for Digital Transactions and open new revenue streams. Normally Hospital site are static in nature with Hospital photograph, facility details, Doctor details etc. This item change the current Hospital site into Dynamic Website utilizing Hospital Health Cloud. Patient can easily review point by point Doctor profile, see schedule, take appointment, make payments and online enroll with the Hospital. Patient would now be able to utilize both Mobile App and Hospital Website. This is particularly helpful for Patients seeking on Google and lands in Hospital site link. Patients who are as of now registered with the medical ecommerce website, will get the link for healthcare ecommerce site for their repeat healthcare needs


Dynamic Hospital Website

Every single update like introducing new technology, machine, lab test etc are easily available through dynamic hospital website.

Digital Payment

Payment option is going to be as easy as booking something online. By using online payment gateways.

New Revenue Channel

Higher satisfaction of patients leads in opening new ways of revenue generation for hospitals.

Digital Healthcare Services For Patient

Patients can easily book appointments online, book lab-tests, and pay their bills online. Patients can also see their digital health records.

Integration With Hospital Health Cloud

Hospital website is fully integrated to hospital health cloud so that each and every activity is recorded, managed and analysed.


Hospital Online Branding

Hospital dynamic website helps them to increase their online presence among patients.

Advanced IT Features Instantly

Order online lab tests, Book appointment for a doctor, Manage profile, Online payment gateway etc.

New Revenue Channel

Higher satisfaction of patients leads in opening new ways of revenue generation for hospitals.

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