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Hospital Admin Desk

Hospitals can analyse and manage patients, records, profiles for doctor etc.

KareXpert Hospital Admin Desk allows Hospitals to manage Patients, Patients Records, Doctors Profile, Patient Profile, Hospital Profile, Doctor Management, Pathology Lab, Radiology, Smart Ambulance, Smart Clinic Managemen etc.
Hospitals can also analyse and filter raw data into some useful information to produce statistical reports which will help hospitals to provide better services to patients.


Can view reports

Hospital admin can view patients reports, patient appointment booking history etc.

Doctor Management

Hsopital admin can manages doctors and their profiles.

Hospital Profile Managment

Hospital admin is responsible for maintaining hospital profile completely.

Diagnostic Tests Management

Admin can manages Diagnostic tests for Hospitals / Clinics.

Analytical Reports

Admin can generate analytical reports based on patient data.

Patient Management

Admin can manage walk-in patient, OPD, IPD etc.


Analytical Reports

Admin can generate analytical reports based on patient data.

View Appointments Reports

Admin can view appointment history for a particular doctor or for a particular department.

Instant Profile Update

Admin can instantly updates profile wheather it is Hospital profile or Doctor Profile.

Manages Transactional Records

Hospital Admin Desk is responsible for keep track on transactions and manage them.

Instant Doctor Schedule Update

Doctor appointment schedule can be updated from Hospital Admin Desk

Analyse Revenue

Hospital Admin Desk analyses revenue for Hospital.

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