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Home Care

Healthcare services that conveniently come Home for the comfort of patients and their families.

Patient can monitor vitals like Blood Pressure, Temperature, Weight, Pulse, BMI etc with the help of IOT devices and upload health data directly with the help of KareXpert Patient help.

Doctor can see uploaded vitals and diagnosis according to the updated data and can also prescribe test or medicine accordingly so that patient do not have to visit again and again to doctor’s clinic or hospital.


Smart and adaptable

Smartly and easily manages data of patients, doctors etc.

Monitor Vitals

Montior vital with the help of IOT device. Doctors can easily see the records of their patients

Uploded Prescription

Patients can directly uploads or submits their previous medical records to current doctor for better treatment.


Easy To Use

Patients can easily book appointment with doctor for consultation. Patients don’t need to visit hospital again and again

Time and Management

All of the information is available digitally with the help of cloud based technology. So that it can save time of both patient and doctor.

Analytical Reports

KareXpert’s ERP system provides various analytical reports based on different factors.

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