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KareXpert Digital OPD brings the digital connectivity to the patients, doctors and hospitals.

DIGITAL OPD is one element of the digital healthcare. Digital healthcare is the convergence of the digital and genomic revolution with health, healthcare, living an society. As we are seeing digital healthcare is the empowering hospitals, healthcare professionals and all other entities of the hospital such as pharmacy, pathology, diagnostics and ambulance to manage and improve the quality of healthcare.Karexpert digital OPD plays important role for hospital as it is difficult to manage the OPD details of each and every doctors as well as hospital can get details of pending appointment details. So hospital admin will get overall MIS reports of there OPD.
With the help of these reports hospital can easily analyze many trends of the hospital which will support in overall growth and productivity

KareXpert Digital OPD brings the digital connectivity to the patients and doctors and hospital.Doctor can define master calendar and can define multiple clinics and hospital as well as there fee also, can receive digital payments, can maintain patient history, can send digital prescription which can be directly sent to the patient and it will be store in patient app and can be used for further consultation, so we can say that all together increase the productivity and growth of the doctor and will definitely increase save the time and efforts. This digital connectivity of doctor and patients can make paperless to hospital, doctor and patients and all this process can be done in any devices like android, IOS or Computer.

On the other hand Karexpert digital OPD is providing patients to find doctors as per there need, can find according to near you location, according to symptoms and speciality.Patient have facilities of digital patients as well as pay at visit option available for payments and can avail the offers provided by the Karexpert and get the digital prescription and other reports well as digital bills and invoice. So it is overall digitization of OPD and can avail all digital OPD with few clicks.


Doctors Rich profile

Doctors can maintain their profile with ritch content so that patients can view them.

Define master calendar

Doctors can define master calander for their schedule, appointments etc.

Digital Prescription

Digital priscription are available for patients to get their prescription on theri mobile device.

Manage patients

Digital OPD manages patients by keep tracking on them.

Access clinical health profile

Patients can access hospital/clinic health profile remotely.

Book appointment

Patients can book appointment for OPD without visiting hospital/clinic.


Manage doctors

Hospitals can manage doctors for OPD consultation.

Increase reach

Online OPD consultation increases reach for Hospitals as well as clinics.

Increase productivity

Online OPD consultation help Hospitals / Clinics to increase their productivity.

Safe and secured data

Since all the Appointment / Billing process done digitally therefore it is safe and secure.

Get 24*7 facilities

Online OPD consultation facility can be accessed 24x7 all time.

Connect with any hospital / doctor

Patients can communicate with any doctor / hospital for Digital OPD consultation.

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