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Corporate Hospital

KareXpert Smart Hospital is designed in such a way can covert the hospital into smart hospital and digitise all faclities of hospital i.e Pharmcay, Pathlab,Radiology, ambulance.

Corporate Hospital are super multi-speciality hospital with world-class infrastructure. The bed capacity of corporate hospitals is more than 200 beds. Corporate Hospital has multiple chains in various cities, state or few are international also. We provide the branded application for corporate hospitals. According to the requirement, we will integrate with the existing HIS. We have an end to end digital solution for all the facilities of the hospital (pharmacy, pathology, radiology, ambulance, and blood bank). Corporate hospitals include trauma centers, rehabilitation hospitals, children’s hospitals, seniors’ (geriatric) hospitals, and hospitals for dealing with specific medical needs such as psychiatric treatment (see psychiatric hospital) and certain disease categories. Digitalisation of Corporate hospitals can help reduce health care costs compared to general hospitals


Hospital Analytics App

The realtime analyticsof the patient inflow and out flow, revenue analytics as per as different faclities of the hospital i.e pharmacy,pathlogy,radiology,ambulance,blood bank ,OPD,RPD and IPD. The realtime analytics will increase efficiency, more accurate patient care, drive profitability margin, cost reduction will directly related to maximise revenue.

SMART Patient

Patient can connect with each and every facility of the hospital i.e Pharmacy , pathology, radiology , ambulance , blood bank, , Doctors . EHR, PHR , , patient communication , share  medical reports with doctor of your choice.Patient can  access  all services using any of their devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptop or desktop.

SMART Doctor

The end to end connectivity between the patient and Doctor where  both can do all things digitally.Patient can be anywhere and access video and text consultaion  services using any of their devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptop or desktop.Doctor will diagnose digitally with the digital medical reports and realtime vitals of patient and doctor can create E- prescription


KareXpert’s Smart Pharmacy is dedicated to delivering a personalized, high-touch customer experience to help patients achieve the best possible outcomes through a smarter combination of innovation and technology digitally.
Smart Pharmacy’s Specialty Care Team collaborates with doctors, health plans and manufacturers to provide the best medication, support and education for patients.


KareXpert Pathology Digital Health Services brings Patient as well as provider side to go online for 24x7 pathology services. Patient can be anywhere and access the pathology services using any of their devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptop or desktop. Pathology staff manage the order, lab reports and patient health record data.


Medical imaging is the technique and process of creating visual representations of the interior of a body for clinical analysis and medical intervention. In karexpert SMART Radiology, patient can be anywhere and access the radiology services using any of their devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptop or desktop. Radiology staff manage the order, reports and patient health record data.

unified registration desk

With KareXpert Unified Registration Desk for Hospitals , patient can register for themeselves, can inquire for something, book appointments for a particular doctor, order pathlogy lab tests, know status of his/her medical reports and can do billing/payment without having to move from one pace to another or from one department to another.

SMART Ambulance

With KareXpert Smart ambulance services for Hospitals , patient or any other on belhaf of patient  can register for themeselves, can inquire for something, book amulance  for a particular hospital.Ambulance is directly connected witht the emergency room of the hospital. Doctor can see real time vitals of the patient i.e blood pressure , temperature , blood sugar , ECG.

Hospital Admin App

KareXpert Hospital Admin Desk allows Hospitals to manage Patients, Patients Records, Doctors Profile, Patient Profile, Hospital Profile, Doctor Management, Pathology Lab, Radiology, Smart Ambulance, Smart Clinic Managemen etc.
Hospitals can also analyse and filter raw data into some useful information to produce statistical reports which will help hospitals to provide better services to patients.


Advanced Reports And Analytics

Smart hospital keeps all patient related data on healthcloud and generates alalytical reports

Cloud Storage

All the data stored on a cloud so that it can be accessed from anywhere.

Digital Payment Enabled

Digital mode of payment enables patients to pay bill online

Seamless Connectivity

Patients can consult with doctors seamlessly via Telemedecine clinic app and it’s user friendly UI makes it more attractive.

Inbound Call Center Services

24*7 help desk solution for handling paitent queries.

Single Calender For Online And Walk-In-Patient

All the appointments can be viewed on a single calander for both online patients as well as walk-in patients.

Connect With Any Hospital / Doctor

Patients can communicate with any doctor and with any hospital/clinic by using online patient communication.

Live Tracking

Patients can live track ambulance location with respect to their current location.

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