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Clinic / Polyclinic

KareXpert Smart clinic is designed in such a way can covert the clinic / polyclinic into Smart Clinic and digitise all services of clinic / polyclinic

clinic (or outpatient clinic or ambulatory care clinic) is a  healthcare facility is primarily focused on the care of outpatients. Clinics can be privately operated or publicly managed and funded. They typically cover the primary healthcare needs. We provide Smart Clinic solutions for clinic which will digitise all the services of the clinic/polyclinic


unified registration desk

With KareXpert Unified Registration Desk for Hospitals , patient can register for themeselves, can inquire for something, book appointments for a particular doctor, order pathlogy lab tests, know status of his/her medical reports and can do billing/payment without having to move from one pace to another or from one department to another. 


SMART Patient

Patient can connect with each and every facility of the hospital i.e Pharmacy , Pathology, Radiology, Ambulance, Blood Bank, Doctors . EHR, PHR , Patient Communication , share  medical reports with doctor of your choice.Patient can  access  all services using any of their devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptop or desktop.

SMART Doctor

The end to end connectivity between the patient and Doctor where  both can do all things digitally.Patient can be anywhere and access video and text consultaion  services using any of their devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptop or desktop.Doctor will diagnose digitally with the digital medical reports and realtime vitals of patient and doctor can create E- prescription 


Advanced Reports And Analytics

Smart hospital keeps all patient related data on healthcloud and generates alalytical reports

Cloud Storage

All the data stored on a cloud so that it can be accessed from anywhere.

Digital Payment Enabled

Digital mode of payment enables patients to pay bill online

Seamless Connectivity

Patients can consult with doctors seamlessly via Telemedecine clinic app and it’s user friendly UI makes it more attractive.

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