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Clinic Health Cloud

Take online consultations, order pathlab tests, e-priscription using a remote doctor/patient interface.

Clinic Health Cloud provides a user friendly interface so that patients can use it to book online appointments, pay bills online, register and can inquire some useful information online. Doctors can also provide some useful information like his/her speciality, experience, timings etc.


Doctors Rich Profile

Doctors can maintain their profile with rich content, so that it can be viewed by patients.

Cloud Storage

All the data stored on a cloud so that it can be accessed from anywhere.

Clinic Rich Profile

Like doctors Clinics can also be able to maintain their profile with rich content.

Online Digital Services For Patient

Online services helps patients to access services from remote location.

Digital Payment Enabled

Digital mode of payment enables patients to pay bill online.

Surgeries And Treatment Details

Patients can view their history of surgeries and treatment details.


24x7 Patient Online Services

Clinic healthcloud services are available 24x7. Patients can access at any time.

Higher Patient Lead And Revenue

Clinic healthcloud unlocks door for new thechnology, new modules in healthcare.

Higher Patient Satisfaction

Online services leads to higher patient satisfaction, when the are able to access services remotely.

Paperless Hospital

Since all of the patient medical records are stored digitaly, we can make a clinic do all of the paper work digitally.

Paperless Patient

Patients don’t have to carry, manage old as well as current medical records in the form of paper. Because all of the patient medical records are stored digitaly.

Increased Hospital Efficiency

Clinic healthcloud brings increased effeciency and relaiblity of a hospital by managing records on cloud.

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