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Care Packages

All in one solution for patients who wants some recurring healthcare services in a resonable amount.

Care Packages are very helpfull for patients as they are specially created for those patients who wants some healthcare service multiple times or for a long period of time. These services can be a combinaton of two or more than two healthcare service. Hospitals or Clinics can define their package at their own.

  • Beneficial for Patients as well as hospitals/clinics/doctors.
  • Multiple healthcare services can be availed in a single care package.



Multiple services can be aviled by patients in a single package at affordable cost.

Enhanced Care

Since it offers multiple tests in a single package that means it is easy for you to select best package based on your health chart.

Better Dignosis

Care packages allows doctors to analyse deeply in order to provide better dignosis to patient.


Miltiple Tests In a Single Package

Patients can take a single package for multiple testson their own or as recomended by their doctor.

Discounted Rate

Inside care package tests are on some discounted rates.

Higher Patient Satisfaction

Patients don’t have to move here and there for each and every test. All of the tests can be found in a single care package.

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