Who is a Diabetologist?

A diabetologist is a doctor who focuses on providing care to patients with diabetes or high blood sugar problems. A diabetologist has usually received a formal degree or training in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, or Endocrinology background. They diagnose, treat and help you manage your blood sugar levels with proper diet, physical activity, and medications.

When to Visit

The problem with high blood sugar is that it leads to several other disorders if not diagnosed at the right time or if it is poorly managed. It is important to know when you should consult with your physician. Common Symptoms of diabetes includes being more thirsty, dry mouth, frequent urination, urine infections. unexplained weight loss and many more.

What to expect from your physician

Your physician will ask you to get your blood sugar tested along with your blood pressure, height, weight and eye checkup. You may also be referred to a dietitian for your diabetic diet chart.

Consultation Department

You can see any general physician or you may refer to the endocrinology or diabetology department in the hospital. The help desk at the hospital or its website can help you find a doctor. In order to avoid long queues and make the process quick, book an online appointment with the diabetelogist a day before your visit.

New treatments

Apart from genetic reason, poor eating habits and lack of physical movement leads to type 2 diabetes. A group from University of California has forged a drug that can cure type 2 diabetes. They have been tested on mice and had successful outcome but the clinical tests are due for ensuring its efficacy on human. Diabetes will become the seventh leading cause of death by 2030 and this drug can prove to be a life savior.

How to consult a doctor

Often people tend to neglect their symptoms and delay their well being. They find the process weary and confusing due to inadequate information. At the very first appearance of your symptoms you should see your general physician and he might refer you to a specialist if required. We at KareXpert helps you to find the best doctors near you and book online appointments with audio, video and text (chat) consultation.