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The idea here is to provide intelligent smart ambulance services by using advanced healthcare technology solutions. Smart Ambulance is Directly connected wiith Emergency room

India is one of the most populous countries of the world. Due to over population, ignorance of health have been remained the major problems in India. For every one minute a death swoops in because of heart attack. To save a life is auspicious as well as precious. The idea here is to provide an intelligent smart health system using some sensors and microcontrollers, it will sense the body condition and send the data to the collaborated hospital’s website. If the condition is critical, an ambulance is allotted to that particular location where the patient lives. To reach the destination on time the driver will use google map with the help of the website and to avoid accident, obstacles, integrated hardware is made using by Arduino and sensors.


Auxiliary heating and air conditioning

Each state mandates the heating and cooling requirements of ground ambulances, so there are some variations in standards. In addition to the basics, auxiliary heating, ventilation and air conditioning is available (HVAC)

Climate controlled storage

Studies have shown that storing medications outside recommended temperature ranges can impact their potency and stability. Maintaining drugs in a stable environment can prolong their shelf life and effectiveness.

Emergency Room Connectivity

Establishing wireless communication and end to end digital connectivity with the emergency room (PCRs).

Live Tracking

Smart ambulance uses integrated gps for positioning and live tracking of ambulance.

calculate Estimated Time

Smart ambulance uses integrated system which can calucate the estimated time to arrival


Live monitoring

Doctor can keep eye on patient and guide ambulance staff if situation goes critical.

Shortest Route

Smart Ambulance is capable of finding shortest and easiest way to hospital.

Emergency Alarm

Alarm would genterate to hospital if patient’s condition goes critical.

24x7 Availability

Smart Ambulance is available 24x7 to patients.

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